Name : Ajay Puri,
Date of Birth : 12-9-1996
Born in Hyderabad – India
Father : Ravi Puri (Working in Earthstone Group)
Mother : Mamta Puri
Grandfather : BN Puri
Grandmother : Indira Puri
Brother : Adarsh Puri
School: British International School,  Jakarta

Ajay started using computer since the age of one & a half years.  Ajay could then use with ease Microsoft products like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, FrontPage, Access Database . Ajay could himself send out emails with attachments. He could scan pictures, record video mails and email or talk live on internet. Microsoft Thailand had gifted Ajay with FrontPage for making web site which he had already mastered.  He designed his own Web Page at the tender age of 4 years .Thus he became the "Youngest Web Designer of the World" and entered the Book of Records. This news rocked the cyber world and amazed the software professionals.

At an age when kids play with wooden blocks Ajay played with key board and started making website  site with all hyperlinks, thumb nails, background music, frames , DHTML , Forms etc. using FrontPage. He could insert pictures, type out documents with all formatting, create graphs, sort out data list, create sub-totals, create a power point presentation with all animations and sound.

At that small age Ajay was able to perform routine maintenance of the computer. In Access Database Ajay could create fields, make forms for entering data, Enter data, Create SQL queries and make reports based on required data. Ajay also mastered Adobe FLASH. Ajay could use Gif Animator for creating Gif images. Ajay later started learning Visual Basic and Animation technology for movie -making.

Ajay has appeared on CNN , BBC , CNBC , ZEE TV , Star Plus , Gemini TV , ETV and other leading TV channels of the world. Ajay has appeared in almost all leading newspapers and magazines in India and abroad. Some of the International magazines include ASIAN BUSINESS, Business in Thailand , TIME etc.

After being an Achiever of a slot in Book of Records Ajay has shown his skill in computer applications before software/hardware giant companies like Microsoft, IBM, INTEL and MAN Group ,Thailand. Ajay has passed all the Microsoft certified examinations securing  about 95  % marks- highest in the world so far for his age group.

  It was  Chandra babu Naidu    , the former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh who met  Andhra  Pradesh born Ajay  first  . It was a unique sight of the Hyderabadi computer wizard meeting and talking with  the computer savvy chief minister of the State. The Chief Minister felt proud of Ajay and his achievements and blessed him. The late  Chief Minister Dr Rajasekhar Reddy had also invited Ajay To Hyderabad and honored him in  Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly and gifted him a laptop .Thus Ajay became synonymous with IT development in Andhra Pradesh.
Ajay got an invitation to participate in the World Mathematician conference held in Lucknow last year by the Chairman of CMS School, Lucknow. It was a real honor for a computer celebrity. Ajay gave a live demo of computer applications in Administrative college of India, Hyderabad and State Bank of India Training College in Begumpet before the learned IAS trainees and talented Probationers of the Bank.

Ajay got the unique honor of being invited by the former Prime Minister of India, Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji on 14th March in Delhi. It was a unforceful meeting in the sense that the “Youngest software kid” met  “Biggest Executive” of India. Ajay also got the honor of meeting President of India Mr K.R Narayanan and received his blessings. Mr. Narayanan himself took Ajay around his Moghal Gardens.

Ajay was invited to Delhi to meet Mrs. Sonia Gandhi.  Mrs. Gandhi felt proud to hold Little Ajay on her lap throughout his stay at her residence. Ajay was a special guest during the visit of Mr. Bill Clinton to Hyderabad. Mr. Clinton and his daughter Chelsea spoke to Ajay in Hi tech city and were very impressed by his talent and achievements. Ajay was the only kid selected by the government to meet Bill Clinton in Hyderabad.

On November 1st 2000, Ajay was invited by Mr. Chuan Leekpai , the then Prime Minister of Thailand.

Ajay was blessed and gifted a laptop computer by Chairman IBM, Thailand Mr.  Wanarak Eckachai.

Ajay was congratulated by the Princess of Thailand for his knowledge in computers at an early age. Ajay is one rare kid of Indian origin who was given the honor of meeting the Royal family.

At 5 years of age Ajay passed MOUS Microsoft Office User Specialist certification exam with 98% marks to become the Youngest Microsoft Certified Office User Specialist in the world.

 Ajay later started his programming lessons on Visual Basic and could develop some small programs.

 Ajay had the honor of getting exclusive appointment with Microsoft Chief Bill Gates twice once in Hyderabad on 14th Novemver-2002 and the other one in Bangkok in 2005. It was a real acceptance of Ajay's computer competence when Bill Gates honored Ajay by gifting him his latest book "Business at the Speed of Thought" with his autograph writing his Best Wishes and blessings for Ajay on the Book .This put Ajay on the IT track firmly.

Ajay was invited by the TELUGU ASSOCIATION OF NORTH AMERICA to take part in their silver jubilee celebrations held in San Jose California on 3rd July to 5th July,2003.  Ajay was felicitated by Gulf NRI’s in Hyderabad.

 Ajay also got invitation to meet the President of India Dr.  A.P.J Kalam whom he met in New Delhi and was with him for 45 minutes. Dr Kalam laid lot of emphasis on education and saw his skill on computer.

Ajay was invited to Qatar by the Chief Executive officer of Qatar Airways Mr. Al Baker. Ajay addressed a press conference before Mr. Al Baker. Ajay also had the honor of meeting the Indian Ambassador to Qatar and the Chairman and Managing Director of Doha Bank. Ajay also gave a demo in World Trade center in Doha Ajay had the proud moment of being invited by the management of Birla Public School, Doha where Ajay got the honor and privilege of inaugurating the computer division in  presence of no other than a person of the stature of Mr. and Mrs. B.K.Birla . They were very impressed by Ajay and blessed him for his future growth. Ajay  has the singular honor of meeting Mr.  Ranjan Mathai, Ex- Foreign Secretary  ,Ministry  of External Affairs, Govt of India.

Ajay has also interacted with Home Minister of India Mr. Sushil Kumar Shinde who exchanged pleasantries with him and urged Ajay to give him lessons in computers.

Ajay was highly delighted when  he met Amitabh Bachchan the Legendary Indian Film actor , Aamir khan, Salman khan  and Sachin Tendulkar - The cricket Legend  in Mumbai. Ajay also met Bollywood actors Govinda, Kader Khan,Juhi Chawla, Tabu etc

  Ajay gave a presentation on web designing in Reliance Corporate office in Mumbai where Anil Ambani and his family members were present.  Shri Kumarmanglam Birla also invited Ajay to meet him in his corporate office in Mumbai and saw his demo for about an hour. He was so much impressed by Ajay that he instructed his official to arrange his demo in his dream school in Bangalore-“Sarala Birla Academy”. Ajay interacted with the kids of that wonderful school and impressed the staff and students by his presentation.

 Ajay on 20th Aug 2003 gave a live demo at a function held in Thailand by Indo Thai Business forum. Ajay was declared the "Ideal Kid of Thailand” by the Prime Minister of Thailand on Children's Day celebrations.

Ajay was invited to participate in 4th Pravasi Bhartya Dewas-2006 which was celebrated in Hyderabad from 7th Jan, 2006 to 9th Jan, 2006. Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh embraced Ajay on stage and blessed Him before the August gathering.

Mr. Narayan Murthy Chairman of Infosys met Ajay in his visit to Bangkok and was amazed to see his skill in computer applications at such an small age.

Ajay has designed many web sites of  various  schools, corporate offices and various institutions in latest formats.

Ajay gave a live demo on “Youngster’s Role in IT Sector” in United Nations , Bangkok  in 2007.

Ajay was  invited to attend Pio Manzu International conference being held in Rimini, Italy in October 2007. The invitation had been extended by Mikhail Gorbachev, President International committee. Ajay got a Gold Medal in this conference for his Power presentation on "Children's Status in the World Today "

Ajay has achieved  the academic distinction of topping  in  Information Technology in  the kingdom of Thailand.

Ajay feels that kids have a future only if they know computer applications. Ajay also know that computer study is a costly study  beyond the reach of many poor kids. So Ajay pledged to give training to poor kids in computers at his free time after the school .Ajay felt very happy to train many kids in computer use . Ajay donates a part of his pocket expenses to the poor boys Asylums Ajay  got a handsome monetary gain from his PowerPoint presentation in an International school in Phuket which he proudly donated on spot to the Tsunami affected children of Phuket. Ajay says computer is not a terror. It is easiest if you have a correct guide to coach and you have a good receptive mind to learn.He further says if I can master  computer at my tender age why not elders of any age? Ajay has thus become the brand Ambassador of Children cause in the world. In whichever country he has visited he has sponsored the cause of children and their basic needs,.

Ajay participated in a keen competition for the prestigious post of Speak Magazine Represtantive held by the famous Jakarta newspaper “Jakarta Post." Ajay gave a forceful speech in the competition on the status of "under privileged children” and was selected as the winner and gifted with a computer and some financial incentive . His speech kept the Indonesian audience and others spell bound and hall reverberated with maddening applause when his speech came to an end.